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The Core Yoga Approach, Courses & Types of Class

Core YogaWe've always danced to our own beat and our classes are no exception. Traditonally, practices were passed down from 1 teacher to 1 student, in the west however the class environment prevails. We honour our teachers' guidance by teaching to the individual, and to do this week keep our classes small with no more than 20 students in a class.

What you will discover at CoreYoga is that our team of teachers have the  expert knowledge to modify yoga asanas (postures) to suit each individual and are dedicated to continuing their professional development as teachers of the science of yoga. As an organisation we regularly take part in furthering our knowledge by attending courses, lectures, workshops and conferences to improve our professional development and we inturn pass on this knowledge to our team.

Core YogaWe can teach you the fancy stuff! But what we are really interested in is laying the groundwork for all the fancy stuff. You'll be amazed when you begin to understand the relationships in the body and discover that you already have the capacity to achieve these postures, you just needed to have the right infomation and the awareness in your body to make the movement available to you. This is the exciting stuff!!

We take a sincere and personal interest in your progress and joyfully share in your growth in yoga experience. We believe that through understanding, compassion, openness, and  the integration of eastern and western knowledge, we can begin to experience insights and understand some of the complexities of the human mind and body, and cultivate harmonious union, the true essence of Yoga.

Courses at Core Yoga

Please visit our Courses and Workshops page for details on our NEW Beginners and Yoga for Runners Courses

Core Yoga Styles

Beginners Foundations - a class laying the foundations of sustainable practice

 Core Yoga and PhysioWe like to think of this class as a nod to correct biomechanical alignment and technique. The goal of these drop-in classes is to create a strong foundation for your yoga practice by getting back to the basics and refining your technique. Although not run in a course-like structure there is certainly a sense of continuity and progression, however all care is taken to share with you the key points essential for the transitions from pose to pose. There is time in these classes to explore personal posture variations to make your yoga practice unique. If you have never done yoga before or it’s been a while since your last class, this is the place we suggest you begin. The content in this class is similar to general classes however, the flow of the class is slower and the material is deconstructed so that instruction is given with clear verbal cueing and visual demonstration before the class embarks on the movement.

I   Tuesdays   I   Thursdays @ 6:15pm   I  


Dynamic Flow - a general class also known as dynamic hatha or vinyasa flow

Core Yoga and PhysioPerhaps your mat has well-worn foot marks and permanently lives in your car, ready to take on the next flowing yoga class to come your way. Or maybe you just like to do things with a little more tour de force. Our General class is more commonly known in the yoga world as Vinyasa yoga, with Vinyasa meaning ‘to place in a particular way'. And yes, we like to do things in a particular way here at Core so be ready for some beautiful flowing sequencing, in a marriage with specific anatomical information, myofascial stretches and sometimes a little spinal decompression (ELDOA) postures. These classes are best for those with previous yoga experience, or fit and active and ready to take on a little challenge, and these challenges tend to sneak up on you!

Mondays   I   Wednesdays @ 6:15pm   I   Tues   I   Wed   I   Thurs   I   Fri @10am


Energizer - challenging vinyasa/power flow

 Core Yoga Nathan TightEnergizer classes are a dynamic flow of poses that keeps your practice consistent, curious, and super fun! Although there are many physical challenges, Energizer Yoga is much more than just a physical workout: it helps you shift your energy, as it it usually our morning practice, creating a vital and clear mind and physical freedom for the body. With focussed attention, purposeful intention, and a light-hearted attitude our classes are both challenging and rewarding: core, leg strength, hand balances, flexibility and inversions are essential to our Energizer classes. Flowing vinyasa sequences to ignite your inner fire! Improve your cardiovascular health, sweat and flush out those toxins and revel in your control, endurance, strength and flexibility. This class is suitable for those with general yoga experience or are fit and active and ready for a challenge.

Tuesdays   I   Thursdays @ 6am  (1hr)   I       Saturdays @ 8am (1.5hr)


Restorative and Yin Yoga

 Core Yoga and Physio

Don't feel like sweating it out? Well, look no further than these perfect, stress-relieving classes. Yin and Restorative are a little different from each other, however we find they are a perfect match in a class. After a short warm up (we believe that to safely stretch muscles and hydrate fascia you must generate some heat) we use props like bolsters, blankets and blocks to support the body in postures that we hold for between 2 and 5 minutes. The Yin-based postures are a little stronger in sensation to create tension-relieving mobility in your joints, stretch and hydrate your fascia (the connective tissue structures that create form and shap to your body) and relax your muscles. The Restorative-based poses tease you towards a zen-like sleep at the conclusion of class, relaxing your neuomuscular system and will leave you floating on your yoga cloud. This is a perfect class to prepare you for meditation or to assist you in de-stressing from the week.

I   Mondays   I   Wednesdays @ 5pm (1hr)   I  


YogaSama - our unique CoreYoga vin/yin blend

 ChanthalahIf you haven't tried this delicious hour and a half of Yoga to start your Sunday, you've been missing out. The hour and a half gives us time to build our flow and find challenge, then leaves us plenty of time to find the sweetness, stillness and spaciousness available through extended supine and seated postures and pranayama (breath work). All of this, leading into a long savasana, may well give you the best savasana you've ever experienced and you may not want to get off your mat! This beautiful class will welcome and encourge your use of bolsters, blankets, straps and blocks in the second half, so you can support your body into deeper stretches designed to relieve muscular tension and enhance relaxation.

Sundays @ 9:30am


Core Strength - challenge your core (Formally Core Essentials)

 Core Yoga and PhysioFInd it difficult to do your own core workouts at home? There is no need to with this awesome class, it's designed with your mid-section in mind!  Using core stabilization techniques shared in both yoga and pilates, you will be guided (ok, enthusiastically encouraged!) to stabilize your inner core unit while perfoming movment exercise tasks that challenge your outer unit. Check out our info on Core Stability. With our background spanning across yoga, pilates, dance, and physio you will be well supervised and find this class totally unique and wanting to do it more than just once in a week!

Tuesdays   I   Thursdays @ 5pm (1hr)



Candle Light Slow Flow

 Core Yoga and PhysioThis class is a beautiful way to transition from your weekend and prepare for you week. “Meditative Movement” is harmoniously created with nurturing, floor-based flow in the flickering light of candles around the room. Be taken into a deep space of balanced energy and peace, and then finish witha soothing  Yoga Nidra. All levels welcome.

Sundays @ 5:15pm



'Like everything, yoga must be presented intelligently. It should be spoken of carefully and offered with due regard for the aspirations, needs and cultural background of the individual. This must be achieved in stages. The appropriate application of yoga - involving physical exercises, deep breathing relaxation, meditation, lifestyle, food, studies and so forth - is, for me, what is represented by the word viniyoga.' 

 - TKV Desikchar



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