Mobility Maintenance  (Functional Flexibility for Tighties)


Mobility Maintenance on Mondays
5pm - 6pm

Mobility Maintenance is our unique class with a specific mobility-focused movement practice, designed for those feeling stiff and tight.

Tight buttocks? - No worries! Hamstrings an issue? They're not an issue here! We will trick the nervous system into inhibiting the neural (nerve tissue) tone so we can enhance your mobility for the better!
Be guided by Chanthalah, our Yoga-Physiotherapist and improve your general posture to cope with the needs of your day-to-day working life, but also enhance your sport-specific functional mobility including: running, cross-fit, cycling, weight-lifting, swimming, dancing, and any other movement love that can do with little mobility maintenance.
It will positively influence your neuro-immune system by restoring balance and hydration into the tissues.
In-studio Props included in the studio are: 2 tennis balls in a sock, or 2 hand towels that we will roll up, and a block.
Livestreaming: If you're practising from home you will also need: 2 tennis balls in a sock, or 2 hand towels that we will roll up, and a block.
A perfect class to close the 1st working day of the week.
Monday 5-6pm



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