Peace Through Presence - 2hr Online Meditation Masterclass

An online, guided meditation exploration, perfect for all levels of experience. Grounded in trauma-sensitive practice to support living mindfully.

Saturday May 16th 2-4pm


Learning to embrace each moment, from a place of self-compassion that encompasses all that we are is at the heart of meditation practice. However, being with the present is not always easy. Infact, we do so many things in life that keep us from paying attention to what is really going on below the surface. We are often experts in being mind-FULL!


The practice of meditation is very much a part of our mental health vernacular. As you know, what we are passionate about is creating the "care" aspects needed when facilitating the practice of Embracing each Moment through Meditation.


Join Rebecca in a supportive and safe environment, with the opportunity to observe aspects that sit deeper in the embodied experience of inquiry-based meditation during this 2hr masterclass.


What will be explored:
• What do we mean by non-judgement in practice?
• How do we reconcile the idea of acceptance that is different from passive resignation?
• How can we use the aspect of discernment to make wise interpretations about our immediate experiences?
• The latest research findings to help you understand why these practices are so beneficial at this time in our lives
• Embracing each moment and peace through presence

We are so excited to share with you our beautifully encompassing masterclass, created from a place of compassion, and designed to transform your personal practice beyond the baseline of mindfulness.

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