Loving-Kindness Meditation

 Meditations on the Heart


 Exploring Vulnerability and Courage through Loving-Kindness - 6 week meditation course

with Rebecca Haubner


This heart-opening, guided meditation practice is perfect for all levels of experience, and is grounded in trauma-informed practice.


Thursday July 14th - August 18th 

7:40-8:40pm - In-studio or online from home via Zoom




During this unprecedented time, the importance of loving-kindness when we or others are suffering is certainly a skill that can help us care for ourselves, as well as care for others with an altruistic, heartfelt quality.


Grounded in a deep sense of connection, benevolence, warmth and good will, the essence of loving-kindness (metta or maitri) is the desire for all beings to be well and truly happy, through the distillation of meditation practice.


What you will experientially learn:

  • Heartfelt, guided meditations centered on loving-kindness, compassion and connection
  • Latest research findings to help you understand why these practices are so beneficial at this time in our lives
  • Find gentleness in encountering some common barriers to self-compassion and compassion for others, during uncertain times
  • Foster emotional well-being and change brain structure in beneficial ways
  • Positively impact your health and immune function by learning to regulate your nervous system and buffer against the effects of stress


Delivery style:

  • This online course, will be delivered in real-time, live-streamed through Zoom
  • Each session is fully guided, and will open with a a gentle groudning meditation, focused on enriching qualities of compassion and connection
  • Followed by a short teaching/discussionon the theme of that week
  • Coupled with alonger, guided loving-kindness meditation associated with that theme and an opportunity for questions and reflections
  • Handouts with weekly practice tools will be offered