Letting go, Letting in, Letting be - Meditations on Transition.

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~ Thoughtful contemplation of the past, reflection on the potential future, and experiential fulfillment in the present. ~

As this decade comes to a close, many questions may begin to arise like; what do I want make space for, how can I create the a thriving and nourishing life, what is my highest happiness and deepest well-being manifest in my life? There are vast benefits in taking the time to reflect on what it means for us personally to live a valued and joyful life; and in turn, creatively envisage what future we would like to continue to nurture trhough our present actions.

Our expert facilitator, Rebecca Haubner has sensitively designed this refined and nuanced course, with the intention to provide you with insights and guided meditation practices to encourage a more nourishing and meaningful approach to life in the coming year and beyond.

Over the three weeks you will explore:

• letting go – contemplating and releasing our unskillful habits and tendencies that no longer support our highest happiness and deepest well-being

• letting in – reflecting on the qualities we most want to embody in this life, and opening ourselves to receive what is enjoyable, beneficial, and skillful

• letting be – experiencing what it is like to unhook ourselves from our attachment to expectations and outcomes, in order to experience the inner stability, freedom and peace that comes with embracing equanimity


Inspired by the field of Positive Psychology, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, and ancient yogic wisdom that underpins the modern science and practice of Richard Miller’s iRest, Rebecca's offerings are truly from the heart. She has woven together insights that will guide you on a path through deep connection, appreciation and excitement for what 2020 may bring, just around the corner!

Our beautiful 3-Week mediation short course is an opportunity to create a clear and direct path towards inspiration and nourishment for 2020.

Course Investment $65.00

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