Meditation with Heart

2021 Resilience Series

Meditation overall helps build resilience. We hear so much about enriching our children and youg people with these skills, but what about us as healthy, happy adults?
We have the best Meditation courses in Brisbane! Our senior mediation teacher Rebecca Haubner is also one of the best meditation facilitators you will come across and we are thrilled to have her guide you on your exploration of meditation here at Core.
Our approach to Meditation is simple... it is a "synthesis of science and spirit " where what we share comes from the heart and is backed by science.


Course 1: Resting in Stillness
Elememts of iRest Yoga Nidra Meditation
iRest is an ideal intervention for reshaping neural pathways critical to fostering emotional self-regulation, ethical decision-making, resiliency, enhancement of cognitive and emotional skills, development of empathy and well-being, as well as improving overall physical and mental health...

February 18 - March 25 - Sign up

Course 2: Caring for Ourselves, Caring for Others
Vulnerability and Courage through Loving-Kindness

Research confirms that loving-kindness meditation has the power to promote more fulfilling relationships with ourselves and others, by fostering increased empathy and positive emotions of joy, gratitude, contentment, hope and love... read more
April 8 - May 13 - Sign up

Course 3: Yogic Meditation and Pranayama
Science and Spirit in Sensing and Feeling

This inquiry into yogic meditation and pranayama honours the immediate connection between breath, air, and life that has been recognized across cultures. Explore “tuning-in” through the various forms of breathing awareness, sensory refinement and concentration practices based in yoga teachings... read more
May 20 - June 24 - Sign up

Course 4: Compassion with Courage
Expanding Compassion Beyond Ourselves
July 1 - August 5

Course 5: Deepening Emotional Resilience
Connecting with Innate Goodness
August 12 - September 16

Course 6: Returning to Presence
Steadying the Mind
September 23 - October 28

Course 7: Warming the Heart
Companions to Natural Presence
November 4 - December 9



 Sundays 4pm - Starts 27 Oct, Enrol Here 

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