Meditation with Heart

2020 Program Series

6-week Courses at CoreYoga

Meditation overall helps build resilience. We hear so much about enriching our children and youg people with these skills, but what about us as healthy, happy adults?
Here at Core, our approach to Meditation is simple... it is a "synthesis of science and spirit " where what we share come from the heart and is specifically linked to resilience (which is backed by science).
Our integrative yearly program is centred around building resilience – which is great if you’re stressed, or simply wanting more out of life, desire optimal living, and where thriving and not just surviving is vital. We are passionate about connecting with likeminded people, and believe that meditation is not one size fits all. Although meditation has the capacity to help everyone, we also know from expereince that some styles will resoneate more with different people. With that in mind, we choose to offer various courses with different focuses over the year, so there is something for everyone.



Course 1: Pathways to Resilience Part 1
Steadiness of Mind
Feb 11 - March 17

Course 2: Pathways to Resilience Part 2
Integrating Wisdom through Practice
March 24 - April 28

Course 3: Embracing Each Moment
Peace with Presence (Mindful May)
May 5 - June 9

Course 4: Caring for Ourselves, Caring for Others
Vulnerability and Courage through Loving-Kindness
June 16 - July 21

Course 5: Resting in Stillness
Elements of iRest
July 28 - September 1

Course 6: Yogic Mediation and Pranayama
Science and Spirit in Sensing and Feeling
September 8 - October 13

Course 7: Deepening Emotional Resilience
Connecting with Innate Goodness
October 20 - November 24

Courese 8: Letting go, Letting in, Letting be
Closure, Clarity and Creation





Steadiness of Mind in Successful Meditation

6-week Course Starts Tuesday February 11th




Part 1 is focused around the 5 Factors of Steadiness of Mind in Successful Meditation. In this 6-week course, you will be guided through comfort, safety, purposeful intention, steadiness of attention, and appreciation to help give you a deeper, authentic experience of the benefits of meditation practice in life.

The Science of Positive Brain Change that Creates Lasting Changes

This course is an invaluable foundational course for the whole years program… Explore five factors that support steadiness of mind/attention – informed by neuroscience, and presented in an easily accessible way. It will help to deepen the practice for those who’ve being meditating for a while.

For those that are new:      It will provide key insights for establishing and implementing techniquesIt will enhance the benefits of whatever style of meditation you might want to go on and do with us later in the year

For those returning:   It will deepen your practice and encourage you to reconnect with your Meditation community

Meditation offers us a wonderful opportunity to come home to ourselves, to rest the body, nourish the mind, re-establish a deeper connection with the conditions of happiness in our lives, and to enjoy the simplicity of just being.

Course Format:

- Each session will open with a gentle guided grounding meditation
- Followed by a short teaching/discussion on the theme for that week
- Coupled with a longer guided meditation practice centered on that theme, and an opportunity for questions and reflections
- Handout with weekly practice tools

Course Outline:

Week 1 - Establishing Comfort
Week 2 - Establishing Safety
Week 3 - Establishing Intention
Week 4 - Establishing warmth and caring (connection, maitri)
Week 5 - Establishing Gratitude
Week 6 - Recognising and responding to own needs

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Integrating Wisdom Through Practice

6-week Course Starts Tuesday March 24th



Meditation and the art of connecting with Self is diverse and unique. In this expertly curated 6-week course, Rebecca will share with you an array of guided meditation styles so that you can experience the richness of practice that resonates with you.

We will explore:
- The application of Gratitude
- The wisdom of Mindfulness
- The vulnerability and courage of Loving-Kindness
- The deep rest of iRest
- The integration of felt-experience through the HEAL process
- And the calming effect of Trataka or candle-gazing in Yogic meditation

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We believe that yoga is for everyone!

Have you decided to be brave and get yourself off to a yoga class only to find that the class had inadequate instruction and moved too quickly for you, leaving you feeling unsure of whether you were doing the movement correctly and safely? Our foundational yoga course for beginners is a perfect balance of clear instruction, sequential and progressive movement that allows you to discover the joys of learning new movement patterns in a safe and encouraging environment. Get back to the foundations of hatha yoga asana (postures), develop upper body strength, and learn to link these transformative movements together in mindful movement!

We believe that yoga is for everyone and our goal is to find ways that facilitate your ability to participate safely in a class that suits your needs. Overtime, we hope that your progression enables you to attend other classes on the schedule so that the feeling of physical and mental ease that regular yoga offers becomes part of your life.

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