Sweet Surrender - A Restorative Afternoon Getaway

Saturday June 5th 2021

2pm - 4pm

Cost: $55

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Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or tired? Is your to-do list getting longer?

You Deserve Time and Space to Rest, Reflect and Relax.

As our world is moving at a faster pace, our attention and energy are in greater demand to keep up with it all. Let’s slow it down. Come join Fenny for a long 2-hour restorative yoga session to rebalance your energy, to soothe your nervous system.

The session will begin with poses where you will be supported by blocks, bolsters, and blankets as you surrender into deep relaxation, followed by yoga nidra (yogic sleep). Your energy will be grounded back and you will leave in total bliss!

Restorative Yoga is a powerful and peaceful antidote to high levels of stress. This beautiful session will allow you to deeply rest and restore the mind, body, and Ojas (pronounced oh-jus), the vital essence that gives us vitality, resilience, and strong immunity. 

The session is suitable for everyone, from total beginners to experienced practitioners. Please bring an eye pillow or a scarf and a sarong or towel is necessary for placing over bolsters

Space is limited. Booking is essential.

Call 3846 4335 to book your place of peace.


2pm – 4pm Saturday June 5th 2021


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