Herbal Medicine and Thriving Mental Health


Herbal Medicine & Thriving Mental Health

This workshop explores how to support thriving mental health and general wellbeing with medicinal plants. 


Medicinal plants have been used throughout human history to create balance in the mind and body and improve health and wellbeing. When chosen well, these plants can create profound changes in our mental and physical health. However, it is not enough to simply read about a great ‘anxiety herb’ online and start taking it. You must be able to match the different herbs to the different patterns of dysfunction underlying common mental health conditions. 


This workshop will explore:

  • How do medicinal plants work?
  • How do I choose the right medicinal plants for me?
  • The role of the nervous system, the circulatory system and the liver in mental health
  • 5 common patterns of anxiety and depression. 
  • 7 medicinal plants for mental wellbeing


When: Sat 6th of Feb, 2-5pm

Where: Core Yoga Studios  - In person AND Livestream available

Cost: $60


Stephanie Hazel 


Stephanie is a practicing herbalist in Melbourne who has been working with herbal medicine and traditional healing systems for 15 years. Her approach is informed by holistic principles of traditional western herbalism and chinese herbalism, sacred plant medicine and the anthropology of healing. Stephanie is passionate about our existing intuitive wisdom and ancient connection to plants. She supports people to deepen their relationship to their own bodies and the greater living world through herbal medicine, ritual and deep ecology.