2021 Worshops & Mini-Retreats

Find a list of the workshops which will be running in 2021 at Core Yoga and Physio and a link to each workshop. Stay tuned for updates as we confirm time and date.

Jan 30th - Mobility Maintenance + Roll and Release 2-4pm (SOLD OUT)

 Feb 6th - Herbal Medicine & Thriving Mental Health 2-5pm

Feb 27th Going Yinside (Summer) [Yin Workshop] 2-4pm (SOLD OUT)

Mar 13th Sweet Surrender - [Restorative Mini Retreat] 2-4pm (SOLD OUT)

Saturday Apr 10th Yoga for Runners 2-4pm
Learn yoga-inspired pre- and post-exercise mobilizations  and movement drills tailored for your training and sports schedule.

Saturday Apr 24th Moving from your Centre - Yoga Therapy for lower back and sacrum stability 2-4pm
Explore safe and sustainable Yoga Therapy Techniques for lower back and sacrum stability, enabling us to move with more ease. Inspired by her study with world renowned Yoga teacher, Donna Farhi, Kay will share with you ways to connect and move from your centre.


Saturday May 1st Going Yinside (Autumn) [Yin Workshop] 2-4pm
Based on the five elements in Traditional Chinese medicine, we are offering a series of Yin Yoga to enliven your living through the change of season. Read More and Bookings...


Saturday May 22nd ELDOA Self Spinal Decompression Techniques 1-3pm


Saturday Jun 5th Sweet Surrender - [Restorative Mini Retreat] 1-3pm
During this nourishing 2-hour session, you will be in yoga poses where you’ll have the time and space to Rest, Reflect and Relax.
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July Sat 31st  Sat 1-3pm  Going Yinside (Winter) with Fenny
In the 3rd series, we will balance the water element in the season of winter. Winter is the season of retreat and rest. It is the most yin season of the year. It is the season to be tuning inwards and balance the water element. Associated with the water element are the kidney and urinary bladder. You will be guided into a series of yin poses which harmonise chi within the kidney and urinary bladder channels. We’ll explore the spirit of zhi (the will), symptoms of zhi disharmony and ways to heal the zhi spirit.
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August Sat 14th 1-3pm  ‘Moving Inward’ Discover your inner Bliss Body through Pranayama and gentle Asana with Kay
Got a busy mind-body?
The "monkey mind" is a real experience for so many of us; feeling like we are always switched on, constantly thinking, planning, analysing, and having our attention jump from one thing to the next. For some of us it can lead to a heightened state of drive, overwhelm, and anxiousness; an unsettled energy that has no way to be discharged or reconciled. Then deep fatigue can set in and it can be hard to find our balance again.

Discover this nourishing and nurturing practice that takes you home to yourself, the place that is always rested and peaceful.
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September Sat 4th 1-3pm Yoga for Pelvic Floor Health - Now and Beyond with Kay
The pelvic floor is the aspect of the deep core stability unit that we often have little awareness of. It's not until we experience a problem in these areas that we start to pay attention, and often times it can be challenging to improve once we're experiencing some pain or poor function; either over-activity or under-activity. Join Kay on an experiential exploration into the many beneficial yoga practices that can support your pelvic floor health, both now and beyond; in a safe and supportive environment.
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September Sat 18th TBA

October Sat 9th 1-3pm 1-3pm – Going Yinside (Spring)

October Sat 23rd 1-3pm TBA