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ZenThai Shiatsu is unique in that it blends the comforting touch of Traditional Thai Massage, the trigger point release of Zen Shiatsu, and the gentle relieving twists through Osteopathic gestures.

You can book Asher and Chè in the studio on Mondays.

Fully clothed, and on a padded mat on the ground. ZenThai Shiatsu is not like any ‘massage’ you’ve received before.ZenThai Asher
  1. Zen shiatsu …Traditional Chinese medicine …acupuncture without needles ( includes cupping, moxabustion and lifestyle/food advice )
  2. Traditional Thai massage ..releases muscular tension and energetic blockages
  3. Osteopathic techniques…includes joint mobilisation , connective tissue patterns and fascia unwinding.

Alone these modalities make for great therapy, combined they make for a complete release and reset of the muscular-skeletal, and nervous systems.

Each session is tailor made to the clients needs.

By creating a safe, awake and caring healing environment, Zenthai has evolved to be recognised as an effective therapy dealing with issues of the musculo-skeletal , digestive and nervous system.

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