Frequently Asked Questions

I am inflexible can I still do yoga?
Of course! Contrary to popular belief yoga does not require flexibility. In actual fact, yoga is not even about flexibility although that is one of the many benefits you will see.

I am not very fit, will I be able to do yoga?Core Yoga West End
Yep! Start in a beginners class. We will build your strength up and before you know it you will be flowing with the rest of us.

I have never done yoga before, can I come along to any class?
We understand that new things are daunting that is why we have Beginners classes on offer to encourage everyone who is new to yoga can come along and try. Beginner's are more than welcome to attend all classes, we just thought you might like a slower class to start with. The main difference with beginners classes is that pace is slower, and there is more time paid to safe anatomical and alignment instructions, technique and transitions.

I am 65, am I too old to do yoga?
Not at all. We have taught people as young as 3 and as old as 84. There are many modifications in every yoga class to cater for absolutely everyone.

What do I need to bring?
Please bring along a towel or two, a non-plastic water bottle, and a big smile.  A mat is useful too if you have one, otherwise they are available at the studio. Non slip towels are also available for hire or purchase. If you tend to sweat easily or are attending our Energizer or Core Essentials classes we ask that you bring your own towel.

What clothes do I wear to yoga?
Yoga requires a lot of movement from your clothes. Loose fitting or exercise clothes are the best. Just make sure they are good quality and not see-through as we do lots of bending over! Oh and no shoes required.
Can I bring my child to yoga?
The minimum age we recommend to attend regular classes with us is 14-15 years of age; an age that they can stay focussed and not get too embarrassed being in a group made up of mostly adults. Out of courtesy to all our clients, it may often be the only time they get to themselves, without having to look after little ones.

Yoga EtiquetteCore Yoga West End

* Arrive at least 5 minutes before the start of the class. If you are new you need to arrive 10 minutes early to register as a new client.

*ALWAYS update your teacher if your physical state changes. E.g. If you have a new injury,  surgery, pregnancy, etc. If you are ever in doubt about whether
you should be practicing yoga please CHECK with your medical provider.

* Please do not eat a major meal closer than two hours before class. Not only does the digestive system use a lot of energy, but we also do lots of twisting, and poses on our belly that are simply uncomfortable if it is full.

* Please do not talk to loudly in the Yoga room before class or during class. For some people this is the only time they have for meditation or some quiet time.
* Please use the foot wipes in the foyer to wipe your feet upon entering the studio space. Mat wipes are also available inside the studio to wipe your mat before and after class.
WCore Yoga West Endhy do people do yoga? 
Where to start! People come to yoga for many different reasons, and discover even more reasons to do more yoga as they go along.
If you and your mat are pretty inseparable you'll already know the remarkable impact that yoga can have on your health and pleasure in life! If you're newer to yoga (or have some dear ones thinking of trying it for the first time) then trust us and our 14 years…. Yoga taught in a way that is suatainable and meaningful to you is totally TRANSFORMATIVE!
Here are some of the most common reasons people do yoga:
* To help relieve back pain
* To strengthen their back and core muscles
* To enjoy increased energy levels
* To reduce stress levels and relax more easily
* To find more emotional stability and control
* To improve self-confidence
* To improve spine and body flexibility/mobility
* To find internal peace and happiness
* To strengthen their body
* To cross-train
* To improve their immune system
* To lose weight (this happens funnily enough when we are less stressed!)

Yoga is a science developed to make your body & mind function at optimum capacity - it is not just exercise.

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