The First Green Studio in Australia!(2003)

Core Yoga West EndCore Yoga is proud to be the first Green Yoga Studio here in Australia. Our studio’s teachings are based on the core philosophy of yoga; In the true sense of creating union with oneself and all that surrounds us. We believe that in developing a sense of awareness and sensitivity to ones self, that it's only natural to extend this to the environment around us. In keeping with this concept in 2003 we built/fit-out the CoreYoga Studio here in West End with as many renewable or recycled or eco-friendly products were possible. Our conscious commitment to reduce, reuse and recycle include:

  • Warm and durable Australian eco-friendly bamboo floors to save slow growth forests.
  • 100% woollen carpets chosen as a renewable resource and to reduce synthetic landfill.
  • Eco-friendly recycled Yoga mats blocks and yoga Blankets.
  • Recycled and second hand building material and furniture both in foyer and office.
  • All the classes are non-heated to save energy (unless some heating needed in the winter).
  • Indoor plants to contribute to good indoor air quality and balanced humidity.
  • Paperless office as much as possible. Print paper and toilet paper 100% recycled.
  • Eco friendly ‘Earth Choice’ cleaning products and organic hand soap.
  • We don’t sell water bottles to reduce landfill. You can help yourself to filtered water in the studio this is provided so students can refill water bottles and reduce plastic, 100% recycled glasses .
  • Low energy-consuming light bulbs.
  •  Soy candles and pure essential oils. Studio mats are cleaned with essential oils.
  • All electricity is offset through Green Power.
  • NON TOXIC paints, the entire studio is painted in OIKOS paints, the worlds leading ZERO VOCs paints more than 20 years, certified by GECA (Good Environmental Choice Australia)

Plastic Water Bottle Free Zone

Water is free in Australia.  Plastic water bottles not only create pollution in their production, and disposal, but can also leak dangerous chemicals into your water. Save the world, save yourself, use a metal reuseable water bottle.

Core Yoga provide filtered tap water to refill your reuseable water bottle.

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