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Distinctively Different – Integrative Care for Optimal Health

Modern Physiotherapy and Yogic Wisdom ensures that you are moving in a safe and beneficial way.

Movement plays one of the most important roles in life. Don’t get weighed down with problems that can be greatly improved with a holistic approach of physiotherapy-based yoga, geared towards getting you moving well and with confidence. Reveal your potential for a pain-free life!

Learn To Cultivate Balance in Life

Yoga Physio

  • Comprehensive care with your health needs
  • Thorough assessment using integrative physiotherapy
  • Identification of predisposing factors, postural and habitual movement contributions
  • Accurate diagnosis
  • Comprehensive management strategy and planning
  • Blended therapy approach to treatment using “hands-on” Physiotherapy and personalized Hatha yoga prescription
  • Integrative management with your medical professional
  • On-the-spot private health rebates available
  • Some Medicare benefits may also be available through your GP in a Chronic Care Management Plan
  • WorkCover available upon request * (conditions apply)

Specialty areas: work-related posture / lower back rehab / neck pain / shoulder dysfunction / hip and knee dysfunction / dancers / musicians / runners / cyclists / pre-surgical screens / post-surgical rehab / stretching / strength

Yoga Physio

At CoreYoga Physio Solutions we have a genuine interest in your health and wellbeing, and work with you to achieve your goals. Reclaim your physical freedom!

Our service is distinctively different, combining a unique integration of evidence-based Physiotherapy-inspired Yoga.

Other treatment methods used in treatment may include:

  • exercise therapy
  • sports specific strength and conditiong
  • manual therapy
  • soft-tissue mobilisation
  • western acupuncture and dry needling
  • myofascial stretching
  • myofascial release work
  • trigger-point therapy
  • electrical muscle stimulation for rehabilitation
  • therapeutic ultrasound
  • ELDOA Foundational Exercises Level 1 
  • Soma Training Program: Examination of the Knee

Meet Chanthalah, our highly skilled physiotherapist can help you get the best out of your body and your life by using this refined and integrative therapy approach.To help you attain an optimal state of wellness, we offer comprehensive support and guidance; determining what is the cause of your problem, logical strategies outlining what to do, when to do it and how much to do.

We are dedicated to reduce your pain and stiffness, facilitate your optimal biomechanical efficiency, and boost your body’s natural healing process. If we are unable to help you or need other people in the team to help in your management we will discuss this with you. Our effective teaching tools will enable you to move your body safely and to its full potential.

Yoga Physio

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Yoga Physio


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