Preventing the occurrence and spread of Corona Virus at Core Yoga

Update 23/03/20 - Face to Face Closure - Live Stream Option

As of Monday the 23/3/20 12pm The government has mandated all group classes cease to operate. Core Yoga & Physio have adhered to this mandate and have now ceased all classes in the studio that were face-to-face. We have now commenced Online Live-Streaming classes to continue to deliver a service to our community and those that need yoga to help them through each day.

Please see the timetable for the updated version of what classes are being offered as Live-Stream Yoga Classes.

Update 17/03/20 - We are Open for Classes
Updates on the steps we are taking at Core Yoga and the small changes in the studio that will be implementing to ensure we maintain a high standard of hygiene and cleanliness in the studio at this time.

The health and safety of clients and teachers is very important to us and we ask you to take part with us in implementing these measures. As this unique situation develops, we will be in communication.

  • Cleaning of Mats and Blocks – The Yoga Teacher will supervise the wiping down of yoga mats and blocks at the end of every class with the sterilizing spray and wipes provided.
  • Own Mat - if you have your own mat bring it! (If not maybe it's time to buy yourself a present). We will create some storage at the studio if you would like to leave your mat at the studio over this period of time.
  • Studio Floor - the floors in the yoga studio will be mopped after the class with a disinfectant daily.
  • Water at the studio - We will be taking away our plastic reusable cups and replacing them with a bioplastic single use cup, these are fully compostable eco-friendly cups. Or bring your own drink bottle.
  • Cleaning of hands – We will ensure that there is adequate soap in the bathrooms for the washing of hands. Hand sanitizer will be at reception (whilst it lasts).
  • Hands-on correction in class - may be withdrawn at this time.
  • Checking into class - touching the iPad - this is a great opportunity to utilise our online booking system for classes. Book your class online and when you come to class in the studio just let the reception/teacher know you booked online
  • Props - Blankets and Straps may be removed from studio so please bring your own.

We can help reduce the spread of illness through good personal hygiene. Please do not come to the studio if you feel unwell. Confidentiality will be preserved if you disclose that you have Corona Virus.

The teachers at the studio will do there best to support these measures and are keeping up to date with the recommendations, regarding containment of the virus. Teachers will not teach classes if they are unwell.

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