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Next 5 Week Course Starts May 15th 2018 @ 7:30 PM
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CoreYoga for Runners is a 5-week evening yoga course. It is a CoreYoga-Physio Solutions Course designed specially by our APA registered Yoga-Physiotherapist Chanthalah Webster-Tight in consultation with running coach Robson Bond and has been helping runners reach their full potential for the past 6 years.
This is not like any other yoga for runners or athletes course available. This course is designed by and implemented by a our physiotherapist and involves a 30 minute Yoga-Run Screen to assess your gait and running style, assess your functional flexibility and incorporate your personal injury management that may impact upon your running. This course relies on the most current evidence-based information and Chanthalah's 14 years experience of teaching yoga to elite athletes.  Rebates are available through private health. This assessment must be booked prior to the course commencement.


The Runners Yoga Course structure includes:

Week 1: Priming for running, introduction to yoga & myofascial stretching, movement relationships
Week 2: Activation & strength: glutes, hamstrings, quads, & calves
Week 3: Diaphragm, breathing (pranayama), standing postures, & balances
Week 4: Functional flexibility: myofascial stretching, trigger point releases & hip openers
Week 5: Priming and Recovery: Putting it together with your running schedule

Each class will have an informative handout to support you in taking your yoga home.

Course Investment: $260  -  Inclusive of 30min Yoga-Run Screen (Private health rebates apply*)

Call to book your appointment time - 07 38464335

When: Tuesday nights 7:30pm to 8:45pm (NEW NIGHT!) May 15th to June 12th 2018


Athletes of all types are incorporating a holistic training element to their practice. When you look at your own running training, you may notice that your current training can sometimes leave you strong in some areas but functionally inflexible and even weak in others. This course will assist you to progressively develop increased awareness of these areas and create a foundation for a more powerful and economic stride!

This evening course is designed with your education and empowerment in mind. It’s not obvious to everyone when to stretch or what stretches are beneficial or detrimental to running. We aim to share this information and much more with you in a fun and easy way. CoreYoga's clinical physiotherapist Chanthalah will use the information from your Yoga-Run Screen to tailor the course material to suit the specific needs of the group.

This course is perfect for someone who has no previous yoga experience. You will learn tools to help you be more “mindful” of your movement patterns, pay attention to your alignment during running, walking and functional exercise, increase your strength and power, refine your flexibility and observe your breathing patterns.

Each class is presented in a mini workshop format so you have plenty of opportunities to ask questions. Numbers are also kept small to ensure that you get all the individual attention you need. This course can be claimed with private health (conditions apply).

If you miss a week, we allow strictly one make-up class per course. All courses are non-refundable and non-transferable to different dates.

How do I claim my private health rebates?

Before commencement of the course, Chanthalah will conduct your Initial Yoga-Physio Assessments. This is essential for each course participant and is offered to you at a reduced rate as part of your course package.
We want you to get the most out of the course. Your assessment with Chanthalah as a physiotherapist will enable you to claim both your assessment and all your physiotherapy supervised tuition under your physiotherapy private health rebate.

Why do I need to the Yoga-Run Screen prior to starting?

As the facilitating physiotherapist, Chanthalah monitors each participants progress. To do this effectively, the assessment provides a baseline for each particiapnt, helps her personalise each course to suit the course participants goals and expectations, and monitor their progress throughout the 5 weeks.

There is so much information that is integral to improving your experience of running. The course format requires that she be discerning of the information so that is relevant and meaningful for you.


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  • The course includes 1 Full Assessment & 5-Week Group Tuition for the single price of $260 ( assessment normally $120)
  • Health rebates are subject to each health fund
  • This course  has a strict maximum number of participants
  • Next course starting Tuesday May 15th 2018, 7:30-8:45pm

Aspects we will cover over the 5-week course:

Breathing: Breathing retraining to enhance Aerobic endurance – improve your ability to optimize O2 uptake through greater understanding of breathing and how your breathing changes with changing physical demands

Functional flexibility: – sometimes with stretching we take the path of least resistance and if we are not naturally flexible our stretching can get left by the wayside or forgotten all together. “Stretching” is really our ability to consciously “switch-off and relax” the muscular system, so we cover types of stretching, when to stretch and how to cultivate specificity with stretching.
Strength, power and endurance. Not all stretching is the same and not all types are beneficial in improving running.

Priming: – Enthusiasm for running is fantastic for promoting hypertrophy in lower limb muscles, however it can leave us weak in other areas or compensating for areas that don't fire well. We will identify and strengthen synergistic musculature to enhance strength, power and endurance during running, cross-training and recovery phases. Preparation via specific muscles activation is paramount in economic running.
Injury prevention: – Having a greater understanding of running biomechanics and our own individual biomechanics will enhance your ability to be preventative with regard to injury. If you are currently in rehabilitation for an injury, this course is also fantastic for broadening your options for cross-training.
Myofascial stretches and trigger point release: – Did you know that you can use these techniques to make accessing flexibility easier and less painful?

Make your outcomes a more tangible reality. If you are enthusiastic about joining us please confirm your attendance by calling the studio today on 3846 4335.

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This course is run by a fully qualified Physiotherapist private healthcare rebates may apply.

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