Yoga for Dancers Intensive - Natarajasana

  • Age 13 - 19

  • April 04 – April 08   2016

  • 8am – 9:15am

How can yoga support a sustainable dance practice?

Yoga for Dancers is a weeklong yoga intensive at CoreYoga West End for dancers aged 13 to 19.

This exciting new program will focus on the benefits of applying principles of yoga to a dance practice. Alignment will be prioritised for safe dance practice; we will take the time to discuss alignment in particular positions and how the same principles might be applied in motion. Yoga can strengthen performance capabilities such as flexibility, concentration and strength, while also teaching holistic sustainability practices.

This workshop series will create a space of acceptance and care where ego is put on a back seat so that students can turn their focus inward to practice being “mindful” and present in their bodies. Students will also gain tools to improve proprioception, breathing and relaxation.

The series breaks down into five 1 hour 15 minutes classes/workshops that will begin with a pranayama (breath exercise), move through a series of positions or asana to warm and prepare the body and then progress through a series of increasingly intense asana before finishing with a relaxation or shavasana. Arm strength and hand balances will be a focus across the week as dance does not often provide opportunity to build upper body strength.

Included in this intensive is a 1-hour talk with by our APA registered Yoga-Physio Chanthalah Webster-Tight. Having completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance, taught yoga and sustainable practice at QUT Dance for 8 years and now works with numerous professional Dances and companies. Chanthalah has a wide range of knowledge related specifically to dance and longevity for dancers. She will discuss information related to sustaining the body and mind inside of a dance career, touching on alignment, injury prevention and management, improving form, cross training and over stretching.

A healthy breakfast of Bircher muesli will be included each day, to support the body through nutrition after physical exertion.  Sharing breakfast will also provide a chance to spend time together, getting to know other aspiring dance artists and building valuable contacts.

The course will be run by Yoga Teacher and independent artist Courtney Scheu with the support of the CoreYoga team.

Courtney Scheu

Courtney Scheu is an independent performer, choreographer and teacher. Her qualifications include a Bachelor of Fine Arts Honours (Dance) and a Graduate Certificate in Dance in Education.She has collaborated with various artists, presenting work for festivals and independently in Brisbane, Newcastle, Sydney and Melbourne. In 2014, Courtney toured around QLD performing dance theatre works 'Shift' and ‘No Way’, choreographed by Liesel Zink and commissioned by Artslink QLD. In 2015, she choreographed and performed as a guest artist for MakeShift Dance Collective. Courtney is working with Liesel Zink, LissaJane Dance, Claire Marshall and QUT through out 2016. Courtney completed her yoga teacher training at CoreYoga West End and has also taught for the Queensland Ballet Public Classes.Courtney is currently choreographing for QUT midyear show.