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At Core Yoga we offer specialty courses for those who are new to yoga, have a special interest or would like to deepen their personal practice. Most of our courses are taught in 5 to 11 week blocks, to allow time to integrate weekly course content and for gradual progression. See below for more info on the couses we run at the studio.




Yoga for Runners is a 5-week evening yoga course.

It is a CoreYoga-Physio Solutions Course designed specially by our APA registered Yoga-Physiotherapist Chanthalah Webster-Tight in conjunction with Robson Bond of Active Stride, Southbank, for lovers of running.

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6:15am - 7:30am Tuesdays and/or Thursdays

If you love the supportive energy of a weekly progressing course, join us to reclaim your morning vitality!

The next 9 week course starts Tuesday 4th  and/or Thursday 6th August. If you would like to join this motivated active class please book now. There are limited places available.


The Energizer Courses consist of flowing vinyasa (linked movement) sequences that focus on warming muscle tissue, improving joint range of motion, flushing toxins and improving cardiovascular health. Tone your organs and muscles! Improve your strength and flexibility!

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We believe that yoga is for everyone!

Have you decided to be brave and get yourself off to a yoga class only to find that the class had inadequate instruction and moved too quickly for you, leaving you feeling unsure of whether you were doing the movement correctly and safely? Our foundational yoga course for beginners is a perfect balance of clear instruction, sequential and progressive movement that allows you to discover the joys of learning new movement patterns in a safe and encouraging environment. Get back to the foundations of hatha yoga asana (postures), develop upper body strength, and learn to link these transformative movements together in mindful movement!

We believe that yoga is for everyone and our goal is to find ways that facilitate your ability to participate safely in a class that suits your needs. Overtime, we hope that your progression enables you to attend other classes on the schedule so that the feeling of physical and mental ease that regular yoga offers becomes part of your life.

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Inspiration and Commitment are at the Heart of Transformation! Kick start your healthy habits with our 2-Week Early Morning Intensive!
WORKING POWERFULLY WITH SENSITIVITY will be our focus for our 2-week intensive
Each morning our practice will gradually build in intensity and finish with a restorative practice of guided meditation or relaxation. Our goal is to invite you to experience the benefits of moving your body powerfully with sensitivity, integrating mental and physical practices that enhance everyday living.

We will start at 6am and finish mindfully at 7:25am sharp, so you can be be on your way to work at 7:30am if you need to. To keep you bounding into the rest of your day we will also provide you with a healthy fruit salad breakfast to enjoy after class with us or take with you. YUM!

We can''t wait to gather together a motivated crew of yogis to welcome in the fresh energy of Spring.

All levels are welcome!
Date & Time: 6am - 7:30am
Location: CoreYoga West End, 5/72 Vulture St
Hosts: Nathan and Chanthalah

Book Now! There are limited places  07 3846 4335
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