Mindfulness Meditation 6-week Course

Course Starts Tuesday 1 June 2019

Cost $125 for 6 Weeks, 7:35pm-8:35pm

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Meditation as a practise spans many traditions. It is a technique that turns us within and in modern terms can be seen as centring or anchoring the awareness within. Often the results are seen as quietening the mind, releasing thoughts and concentrating on what then arises.

The physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits that come from a regular meditation practice are well known, but in order to access them it's critical to find a meditation technique that works for you.  This course will investigate a number of different techniques allowing us to find the best fit for our practice.

Yogic Meditation techniques vary in the different yoga traditions, all having in common the place of meditation in the 8 Limbs system: Dhyana translated is meditation, however Pratyhara (sense withdrawal and refinement) and Dharana (concentration) are an essential part of the meditation practise and pathway and Samadhi is the ultimate yogic meditation goal. Within the eight limbs, each limb can be practiced independently, however they are also interdependent with each other in the process of meditation.

The importance of meditation is that the mind(manas, buddhi – intellect) is central in human life, but little is known of it; it is a blank in our fund of knowledge, despite the science of psychology. With its practice meditation develops the mind and reveals its qualities. It also has its place in reducing the movement of the wandering mind (kshipta) or “monkey mind” (vritti) and freedom from the (citta) mind-stuff or subconscious mind

There are many misconceptions flying around about meditation these days, so here's some good news

* You can come exactly as you are
* You don’t have to still your mind
* You don’t have to sit on the floor cross-legged
* You don’t have to calm yourself down
* You don’t have to change a single thing



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