~ Cultivating Emotional Resilience - 6-Week Course ~

Starts Tuesday October 22, 7.35pm-8.35pm ~ Cost: $125
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We decided that this course is such a valuable resource for our community and have seen the changes in those that participated, that we had to run it again.

The Science of Positive Brain Change
?Join our dear friend and insightful meditation teacher-psychologist Rebecca for insights and guided practices to assist in cultivating heartfelt happiness and transforming challenging emotions.

Skillfully curated, this offering of cutting-edge research in psychology, neurology and traditional meditation will bring you into the fold, highlighting the mind and its relationship to the brain and the body. Informed by the latest neuroscience research of Dr. Rick Hanson this course will integrate traditional meditative practices with insights to enhance our capacity to navigate the ups and downs of life with greater ease and resilience.

New to meditation or a seasoned practitioner, all are welcome. Come as you are and join us to deepen your experience and practice of meditation.

Starts Tuesday October 22, 7.35pm-8.35pm ~ Cost: $125
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~ Quiet mind hacks to retreat, relax and reconnect to yourself ~

Meditation offers us a wonderful opportunity to come home to ourselves, to rest the body, nourish the mind, re-establish a deeper connection with the conditions of happiness in our lives, and to enjoy the simplicity of just being.

Course Format:

  • Each session will open with a gentle guided grounding meditation
  • Followed by a short teaching/discussion on the theme for that week
  • Coupled with a longer guided meditation practice centered on that theme, and an opportunity for questions and reflections
  • Handout with weekly practice tools

Course Themes:

  • Identifying and strengthening skillful resources
  • Attention and intentionality
  • Appreciation
  • Enrichment
  • Managing challenging experiences
  • Healing
  • Forgiveness
  • Connection

Each session thoughtfully building upon on the previous sessions
As we speak, Rebecca is on a 7-day training in Mindful Self-Compassion in Downtown Toronto. It is a huge part of her dedication to learning, understanding and integrating more of the profound benefits, varied meditation practice can offer. And she will be back to share this goodness with YOU!
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Don't miss out on this special opportunity for positive brain change.

This is an amazing opportunity to be guided by one of Brisbane's most experienced meditation teachers who is also a clinically-trained psychologist and CoreYoga teacher.

Starts Tuesday October 22, 7.35pm-8.35pm ~ Cost: $125
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