Core Essentials - New Drop-in Class

Core Essentials
5pm - 6pm
Pay Casually  Or Use Your Pass

Core Essentials is a fusion of Yoga Asana and Pilates movements that blends the richness of ancient Yoga teachings with the precision of modern Pilates.  This class will strengthen and streamline the body, clear and calm the mind, and cultivate great posture, athletic performance, and body/mind awareness.

Core Essentials offers movements from both the Yoga and Pilates traditions, utilizing dynamic body weight and resistance band exercises, this class is designed to strengthen and tone. We will introduce base movement patterns before gradually increasing to more complex and challenging exercises, working the body through a range of movement pathways.

Through the use of specific, targeted exercises, you will learn what core stability is and how to apply this muscular activation to entire body movements.  If you’re a seasoned athlete, yoga devotee, or have little experience and want to try something new, these classes will benefit all and improve your health and wellbeing!  This class provides an encouraging and supportive environment where you will work hard and intelligently. The benefits of these classes are a tangible improvement in muscular strength and stability, reduce tension and stress and cultivate an awareness and connection with your body.

Catherine Mullins has an extensive background in dance and movement. Starting at the tender age of 4 with dance classes in her hometown of Mackay and completing a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Dance Performance) from QUT in 2011.

During her dance training Catherine worked extensively with Yoga and Pilates and can testify to the transformative benefits of this style of strength training. This fantastic combination of movement is something she has been enthusiastically exploring ever since.

Catherine is a fully qualified Matwork Pilates Instructor  and Yoga teacher, undergoing training here at West End.  With a genuine fascination and appreciation of how the body works, Catherine strives to assist her students in achieving their most vital and healthy body.



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