Next course starts Monday August 6th 2018, 7:30pm – 8:45pm

Our 6-Week Beginners Yoga Course is the perfect introduction to the world of yoga, and our teachers have been specially trained to de-construct the most common yoga poses and transitions.

What makes our classes totally unique is that our teachers have worked closely with Chanthalah, our physiotherapist, to design clear and logical class content that is enaging and with a goal in mind - to deliver the material in a step-by-step way, ensuring you feel confident with individual adjustments that suit your body.

This course is ideal for those that are brand new to yoga or people with a little experience.

Beginners Yoga 6 Week Course Cost: $125

It takes a lot of courage to try something new. It takes even more when you’ve tried something before and you struggled and you go and try it again. That’s why at CoreYoga we have always taught our foundational practices straight from the heart and with fun at the forefront. Our goal is to not only teach you something awesome about yoga, but to help you create a deeper appreciation for functional movement that can be meaningful in all aspects of your life. This course in August we will focus on the stabilising aspect of the feet, legs, hips and spine. The combination of functional flexibility with appropriate strength for grounding, the energy or Prana can lift upwards through the body.


The Beginners Yoga Course structure includes:
Week 1: Introduction to yoga and the eight limbs, pranayama (breathing), movement relationships, functional feet
Week 2: The Bandhas of the lower body for stability
Week 3: Standing postures, balances and yoga meditation
Week 4: Flexibility and mobility for freedom in the postures
Week 5: Transitions: putting it together,
Week 6: Supportive inversions, yoga meditation

Each class will have an informative handout to support you in taking your yoga home.


On a physical level, yoga is the practice of various poses; known as asanas, which improve coordination, strength, balance, endurance, muscle tone and flexibility.  Combined with the use of yogic breathing (pranayama), the practice also works to calm the nervous system by stimulating the systems responsible for our relaxation response. and this is where many health benefits are gained.  CoreYoga is a moving meditation with Purposeful Relaxation.

Classes at CoreYoga are taught from the heart in a relaxed and caring manner where the needs of every student are paramount.  Students are encouraged to find “their yoga” – that which feels good for their unique body and stage of life. 

CoreYoga provides a safe and non-judgemental environment for students to explore their body and mind to whatever extent they choose.  There are no expectations, just guidance, integrity and a nurturing space for all to take that necessary “time out” for self.

For more information or if you have any questions about whether this course is right for you, email us or call us at the studio on 07 3846 4335 or pop in and say hi if you're in the ’hood!

We allow strictly one make-up class per course. All courses are non-refundable and non-transferable to different dates.

Start date: Monday August 6th 2018

Start time: 7:30-8:45pm (1hr & 15mins)

Chanthalah (pronounced gen-ta-lah) believes Yoga is for everyone; and yes, she was gifted with her traditional Lao name by her parents. It means full moon, and it does leave her a little kooky! She is dedicated to sharing the gifts of yoga to her clients through her specialized, sequential approach, combining evidence-based, Western medical knowledge of Physiotherapy with the ancient Eastern science of Yoga.


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