Beginner Energizer Flow Course - 6 Weeks
Sunday Morning Course 8:00-9:15am

Next Course TBC

In this course we will take the time to break down all of the components that make up our active 'Energizer Flow'Vinyasa classes. Vinyasa is one of the styles of yoga offered here in the studio. It is a flowing set of postures linking together movement and the breath. Together, we will explore the different postures and techniques that make up these flowing active classes. In this supportive environment we aim to take the time to foster an understanding and confidence for students to approach these more challenging, active classes.

This course is for the beginner or those with little or no experience.

Energizer Flow sequences will ignite your inner fire! Improve your cardiovascular health, sweat and flush out those toxins and revel in your control, endurance, strength and flexibility. This class is suitable for all beginners.

6 Weeks Starts Jan 2015, Cost $90
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Your Teacher -

Caitlin MacKenzie

Caitlin is a Brisbane based yoga teacher, dance practitioner and choreographer. She has been practicing yoga for over 8 years and has been part of the Core Yoga community since 2010.

Caitlin enjoys teaching a range of styles of yoga; her classes often focus on connecting breath with movement to find a deeper practice and connection with body and mind.

Outside of the studio Caitlin works as an independent dancer and has performed in Brisbane Festival, Anywhere Theatre Festival, World Theatre Festival and overseas in China, Spain, France and Malaysia. She is always looking for different ways to integrate her two passions, dance and yoga.

My favourite yoga pose is probably Tuladandasana - Flying stick pose. I like Tuladandasana because it always delivers a sense of accomplishment no matter which variation you are doing. I love the feeling of sending energy in three different directions - standing leg, extended leg, and body. When trying to balance on one leg I remember what a dance teacher once said to me "Even my Grandma can balance on one leg, so make sure you do it with grace" - as this pose is a strong balance it often reminds me about how much influence the mind has on the body.



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