Honouring our lineage and teachers

Chanthalah and Nathan would like to honour their yoga lineages that include teachings of T Krishnamacharya, (AG Mohan, Patthabi Jois, BKS Iyengar), Siddha Yoga, and Satyananda Yoga. They have both spent time working with AG Mohan, peer of TKV Desikachar and devoted student of Krishnamacharya, and their philosophy is aligned with Mohan’s belief that the practice of yoga, personal reintegration and the application of its numerous tools should be undertaken in such a way that it suits the changing needs and requirements of the individual.

Both have trained with Simon Borg-Olivier of Yoga Synergy, Judith Hanson Lasater in Restorative and Therapeutic Yoga, Wade Imre Morissette in Vinyasa, and in myofascial stretching with soft tissue therapist Thomas Myers (Antomy Trains), movement trainer Ian O’Dwyer and myofascial decompression techniques in the ELDOA Method with french osteopath Dr. Guy Voyer.

They would also like to give thanks for the yoga teaching opportunities, support and insights of Diane Nance-Kivell, who is also Nathan’s mum, who, without her breaking her arm in 2000, they may never have discovered the path of yoga teaching!

Chanthalah Webster-Tight – Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist (APAM)

Senior Level 3 Member YA (1000+)

MPhty St, BA Dance, AD Dance, Dip Yoga Teaching IYTA

Pronounced gen-ta-lah, Chanthalah believes Yoga is for everyone; and yes, she was gifted with her traditional Lao name by her parents. It means full moon, and it does leave her a little kooky at times! She is a dedicated Yoga Teacher and physio! She has a pasion for sharing the gifts of yoga to her clients through her specialized, sequential approach, combining evidence-based, Western medical knowledge of Physiotherapy with the ancient Eastern science of Yoga.

Chanthalah’s passion for the body in motion was sparked after 17 years of classical dance training and the completion of her BA in Dance Performance at QUT (2000). She then became the youngest graduate in Australia through the IYTA (2002). Chanthalah then graduated with a Dean’s Commendation for her Masters in Physiotherapy at UQ. Since that time she has lectured for the APA, UQ, QUT, ACU and Griffith in anatomy, biomechanics, and application of yoga therapy.  Both practicing and teaching yoga has formed Chanthalah’s foundation in unraveling and deconstructing movement patterns, strengthened by her biomechanical understanding gained through her clinical physiotherapy work. Co-founding Core Yoga Studios in West End in 2003, she and husband Nathan Tight run 350hr Teacher Training and international retreats in Bali.

As part of Core Yoga’s Wellness and Health Partnership with Queensland’s Expressions Dance Company (EDC), she is the company physiotherapist and has also had the privilege of working with professional dance companies including dancers from Dance North, Queensland Ballet, Australian Dance Theatre, West Australian Ballet, Ochre Contemporary Dance Company, Melbourne Ballet Company and New Zealand Ballet.


Core Yoga West End

Nathan Tight – Director, Practice Manager, Yoga Teacher


Senior Level 3 Member YA (1000+)

(AD Dance, Dip Yoga Teaching IYTA)

In 2000 Nathan received his Associate Degree in Dance Performance at the Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and followed this with the completion of his Diploma of Yoga Teaching through the International Yoga Teachers Association (IYTA). Nathan has been the Director of Core Yoga Studios Brisbane for 15 years and is a Senior Level 3 Yoga Australia registered teacher. Nathan is one of only a few people in Australia Certified in both ELDOA Level 1 and 2 and Myofascial Stretching as taught in Soma Training by french osteopath Guy Voyer DO.

Between 2005/12 Nathan was a valued sessional lecturer for Creative Industries (CI) in the Dance Department at QUT, sharing his skills in yoga and technical alignment with the full-time, pre-professional tertiary dance students at QUT enrolled in the BFA (Dance Performance). During his career as a full-time yoga teacher and movement educator his work has directed him towards an insightful, informed, and refined sense of how a person moves within the context of yoga and movement therapy. He articulately presents classes with a clear understanding of anatomy and core alignment that are integral in safe, flowing movement.

Over the past 5 years through Core Yoga’s Wellness and Health Partnership with Queensland’s Expressions Dance Company (EDC), Nathan teaches weekly company yoga class for the beautiful company dancers, both in the studio and in the theatre. This continues today. Furthering his studies and deepening his practice Nathan is currently completing his Post Graduate Diploma in Yoga Therapy through Yoga Therapy Australia.



Sarah Cochrane – Yoga Teacher

For 16 years, yoga has played a role in my life, developing from a personal practice into a passion for sharing it with others. After leaving my career as an environmental scientist in 2014, I surrendered to yoga’s calling studying Anusara-based Hatha Yoga in Bali receiving 200 hr International Yoga Alliance teacher accreditation in January 2015. In May 2015 I completed 50 hr Yin Yoga teacher training with Joe Barnett, which sparked a deeper interest in the complexities and uniqueness of the magic of the human body, mind and breath. I am also incredibly charged about completing my 350hr  Level 2 Core Yoga Teacher Training this October (2018). It has been a amazing journey or discovery and self development.

Yoga has played a huge role in my life and over time I’ve immersed myself more and more into the practice; the experiences obtained during soul-filled asana and meditation now has a very strong home in my body and soul. Through conscious breath, movement and becoming aware of the subtle energies, I seek to guide others through their practice to a more connected life, to Self, the Earth and each other.

I am a passionate environmentalist and seek to support the planet through many and varied ways, bringing people closer to their connection to the planet. I’ve dedicated my life to better understanding our interconnectivity with all things and look to further my skills and ability to work directly with communities and more effectively educate others about their environment and how to feel more apart of it.

Fenny Chong – Yoga Teacher

Fenny went to her first hatha class in Perth with a couple of friends who wanted to give yoga a go as they read some celebrities were raving about it. After a few weeks, she found it helped her deal with the stresses she had. “I was doing my postgraduate studies in science at the time, it was stressful time but I really enjoyed my yoga time. It was a time when I could switch off totally!” she said.

Now fast forward to almost 20 years later, Fenny still loves and practices yoga. She loves the flow of breath with movement in the body in vinyasa style of yoga and also adores the meditative nature of yin poses. Whenever she travels to somewhere new, she finds a yoga class to go to feel grounded. “I’m a different person after yoga, I can sleep better in a strange new place. It connects me to the new surroundings, and also to the community.”

Fenny completed her teacher training in ISHTA (Integrated Science, Hatha, Tantra and Ayuverda) lineage at TamaraYoga in Perth with Tamara Graham, Julie Dulaney and Zoe Kamide in 2015. She said: “The idea of becoming a teacher came from a friend. I guided her with some yoga after a run one day, she asked why don’t I teach?” Fenny was also mentored by Rachel Zinman. She completed yin teacher training course with Jo Phee and has more recently finished another module on meridian theory with Hugh Lee and Becky Andrews (Doctor of Chinese medicine) of Yoke Yoga in Melbourne. “I love the vastness of yoga, so many different practices – anyone can practice yoga. It encompasses so much!”

Fenny loves to be healthy from the inside out and outside in. Off the mat, she loves cooking delicious food. She is also a keen runner - she does a mini yoga session after a run, complete with a meditation.

Kay Ashwood - Yoga Teacher

Kay believes that Yoga is truly for everyone...all you need is an open heart and open mind!

Kay's first experience of Yoga was when she was age 8, attending a local yoga class with her older brother. Perhaps from then there has been a calling. Beginning with the Asthanga tradition, her love and passion for Yoga began in 1997. She has continued to explore and discover various traditions and styles, including Iyengar and Hatha Yoga. Kay has been teaching since 2006, when she completed her teacher training with Kate Pell.

Kay is the mother of two beautiful children, who are her true teachers in life.

Matt Bemi-Morrison | Yoga Teacher | Personal Trainer

Matt found yoga in his early twenties at a Yoga class taught by Nathan while looking for a complimentary practice to support his body through competitive basketball.   As his practice progressed he began to see the benefits of yoga in his competitive game.

He found Yoga to be both an emotional and physical reset, valuing the feeling of calm relaxation after a class. He has now had a regular practice for over ten years, leading to his study of Yoga Level One (350 hours) through Core Yoga.

Originally, with a career background in youth work, Matt found that movement and exercise was an effective tool to help the personal growth of adolescents, and his passion for this naturally progressed to a career transition into personal training, strength and conditioning, and movement coaching.  He currently runs a personal training business in Graceville and Yeronga that has been operating since 2015.

Passionate about movement – safely, intelligently and with expanding awareness of the body – Matt has also trained in Functional Movement Screening, Olympic weightlifting, is a Crossfit certified coach, qualified personal trainer and Applied Movement Neurology (AMN) Coach.  He is currently delving into the world of gymnastic movement.

Teaching from personal experience, Matt is passionate about helping the community to develop and maintain good movement habits that benefit the individual outside of their training environment.  He is honoured to be joining the Core Yoga family.

Geogia Vertue - Yoga Teacher, Physiotherapist

Level 1 Member YA (350+)

Georgia started practicing yoga when she was 16 years old, attending classes at a local gym in Adelaide with her Mum.

She had never (and still hasen’t) found anything else like yoga. She loved the mix of stretching and strengthening, and the warmth and wisdom of the teachers, and was drawn to the mind body spirit connection that is at the heart of yoga. The practice opened a whole new world of movement, mindfulness and connection.

Georgia completed her yoga teacher training in 2015 with Yoga Trinity and started teaching as soon as she had finished.

In December, 2017 she graduated from a Bachelor of Health Sciences and Masters of Physiotherapy at Flinders University. In January 2018 Georgia moved to sunny Brisbane, and now teaches yoga here in Brissy with Core Yoga. She is truly passionate about helping others to find and grow their own practice, and sense of connection.

Yoga Teacher Student Blessing

OM saha navavatu   I   saha nau bhunaktu   I   saha viryam karavavahai   I   tejasvi navadhitam astu   I   ma vidvishavahai   I   OM shanti, shanti, shanti



May we be protected together   I   May we be nourished together   I   May we create strength among one another   I   May our study be filled with brilliance and light   I   May there be no hostility between us   I   Om peace, peace, peace

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