The velocity of modern life is much faster than we are naturally made to deal with. Maintaining a healthy body is about balance. Emotional, mental, physical and spiritual balance. Disequilibrium on any of these levels can present in the physical body as tension, discomfort or pain.

Tension and pain of any sort is the bodies way of alerting us to a growing inbalance; which if not addressed becomes more deeply ingrained and harder to correct, often developing into disease. Deep tissue remedial massage is an effective method of addressing these imbalances.

Pain is something you should not get used to.

Massage  Therapist

Michelle Teresa Brady

Remedial Member AAMT
Dip. Remedial Massage
Cert. Holographic Kinetics

Michelle was trained at the southern school of natural therapies, Melbourne in 1998. She has 11 years practical experience working as a remedial massage therapist, in differing contexts and countries.

Michelle has developed an effective intuitive style that assists people searching for rebalance. Maintaining a healthy body is about physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.

Remedial deep tissue massage, trigger point therapy, shiatsu, polarity therapy, reiki, reflexology, arun and holographic kinetics are examples of some techniques that may be used to best facilitate healing. Incorporating different techniques and modalities depending on the clients needs, the deep tissue remedial massage session with Michelle will support and stimulate your body's own healing process.


"Michelle's  massage addressed specific injuries I had, with due consideration to my level of fitness and health condition. The massage reduced my pain and released tension on trapped nerves. I felt safe and comfortable as she worked with my body easing out long held postural spasm from my neck and  back. Michelle has retuned my body, and many of the postural tensions were eradicated after the first two massages . I leave Michelle's space with a feeling of wellbeing. I am so please to have found a wonderful, intuitive body mechanic.I consider Michelle's massage superior to others I had experienced over the years. Thank you Michelle."

- Poppy Ogrin, Retired herbalist, massage & Bowen therapist of 25yrs.

“The best to re-establish the correct balance between body and mind”

- Francesco Rizoli, Restaurant Owner

“The pregnancy massage of Michelle helped me to feel better. They improved my circulation and reduced the tiredness, stress and pain related to my pregnancy”

- Alexia Beracasa

"A massage from Michelle brings healing to not only the physical body but to deeper levels of oneself. She has truly mastered her craft and uses her skills with a finely tuned intuitive touch. I recommend her without reservation."

- Lois Whiteman, Counsellor and Yoga Teacher

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