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Core Yoga Teacher Training
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So many of our friends and yoga students comment, “Wow, teaching yoga must be the best job!”

Happily we can say a resounding “YES!”

Chanthalah and Nathan have been developing the comprehensive Core Yoga Teacher Training course over the past 10 years. Throughout the last 16 years of full-time yoga teaching, Chanthalah and Nathan have supervised the training of yoga teachers

Through comprehensive training and learning experiences we will help you realize your individualized ability to teach and share your yoga with others. Based on the world-renowned teachings of Yoga that come from the tradition and lineage of T Krishnamacharya, A.G. Mohan, and Satyananda Saraswati, Core Yoga has been developed with the aim to share integrative yogic wisdom, advanced anatomical knowledge with practical movement principles influenced by contemporary dance and refined physiotherapy techniques, ensuring new teachers are equipped with the knowledge to bring yoga into the future.

Yoga is not a one-size-fits-all practice, however our gift to you is to discover how you can inspire deep and lasting change in others through their yoga journey.

Teaching has always involved mentoring new teachers and providing them with a supportive and nurturing environment to deepen their knowledge of expert yoga anatomy information. We are excited to share with you the fruits of this refined information in our Core Yoga Teacher Training course, and invite you to discover the deeply rewarding and enriching nature of yoga teaching with us. It is our goal at Core Yoga to provide you with the opportunity to create a deep and lasting connection with yoga. Enjoy the support this course offers as you refine your skills that will enable you to become a well trained, highly educated, experienced, empathetic and insightful yoga teacher. 

Choosing Core Yoga Teacher Training:
We know that as you read through the vast options of yoga teacher training, you are faced with many decisions to make. During this process, we invite you to consider these questions:

What is your motivation to do your teacher training?

With Core Yoga we will facilitate your deeper understanding of yoga and assist you in refining your own personal practice. We specialize in helping you share your passion about teaching yoga to others.

Where do you see yourself teaching?

Over our careers we have taught yoga in many places from festivals to one-on-one, dance students at university, dynamic, packed classes in gyms, mindfulness and meditation for big corporate companies, stress management for doctors, specialized classes for athletes, international yoga retreats and our wonderful boutique classes in West End. Core Yoga Teacher Training can prepare you for all of these different teaching situations.

Would you like the structure of monthly weekend immersions and the support of a dedicated group?

Research shows that humans love community and a feeling of connection. Core Yoga Teacher Training limits the number of participants to provide individualized support and professional development. It is structured over 8 weekend immersions, with a 4-day retreat integration, weekly technique lab and monthly personal mentoring that facilitates a deep connection of body, mind and spirit with a nurturing community of like-minded yogis based at Core Yoga.

 Do you have an investigative nature and love to explore, reflect and consult with others on interesting topics?

Each person has relevant experience to share and contribute in a reflective and consultation environment. As facilitators, Chanthalah and Nathan’s skills lie in being able to help you discover your strengths as a yoga ambassador, whether you are more curious about philosophy or want to refine your physical skills.

Are there questions about yoga anatomy and physiology that you have found challenging to find answers to?

With our background in physiotherapy and dance, Core Yoga will challenge you on all different levels. Chanthalah has the clinical and lecturing experience to answer those difficult anatomy questions. We will also give you the expert skills to manage all different physical abilities and goals in the yoga studio



The Core Yoga Teacher Training course will cover the following key learning areas:

Body Architecture – Anatomy and Physiology

Taught by physiotherapist, Chanthalah Webster-Tight (M Phty) and senior yoga teacher, Nathan Tight (BA Dance)

  • Body Structure and Function – Skeletal, Articular, Muscle, Nervous
  • Human Physiology – Respiratory, Circulatory, Endocrine, Digestive,
  • Functional Applied Anatomy and Biomechanics
  • Injury Prevention and Management – Eastern and Western

Affective Teaching Skills – Teaching Methodologies and Integrative Practice

  • Leaning Styles, Teaching Styles
  • Affective Communication Skills, Non-Violent Communication
  • Principles of Class Structure

Yoga Techniques and Integrated Yoga Practice, including classical and modern techniques

  • Asana (yoga postures)
  • Pranayama (breathing techniques)
  • Concentration and Meditation
  • Yoga Nidra and Relaxation
  • Bandhas and Mudras
  • Mantra, sound and visualization

Principles of yoga practice

  • Attendance at general yoga classes
  • Development of a guided personal yoga practice
  • Monthly professional mentoring with both internal and external supervisors

Integrative Teaching Practice

  • More than 20 hours of supervised teaching practicum with real yoga students in the yoga community (not just your peers). Have expert tuition and guidance with teaching 1-to-1, small groups (2-4) and large groups (20+)
  • Yoga practice planning and development
  • Weekly, 2-hr integrative practice with peers and supervisors
  • Safe and practical adjustment techniques

Yogic Physiology – Subtle Energy Systems

  • Koshas, Nadis, Chakras, Gunas
  • Neurophysiology and Endocrinology
  • Yoga Nidra and Relaxation

Yoga History, Philosophy, Ethics and Lifestyle, including:

  • Overview of the history, lineages and development of Yoga throughout the ages
  • Study of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras
  • Study of the Kleshas – potential barriers to our personal growth
  • The application of these ancient teachings for modern living
  • Overview of other classical teachings of Yoga

Complementary Training and Specialties including:

  • Prenatal Yoga
  • Yin Yoga and Restorative Yoga
  • Introduction to Yoga and Psychology – the yogic approach of understanding through empathy
  • Working with Individualized Tuition
  • Integration of Principles of Class Structuring for specific groups

To ensure graduate confidence and competence, each course is made up of the following elements:

  • Lectures and Experiential Learning
  • On Going Reading Reviews of current, relevant, academic literature and traditional texts
  • 24 classroom-based immersion training days
  • 4-day residential intensive (experiential learning and integrative teaching)
  • Supervised Teaching Programme (Technique Laboratory) Over 25 hours of Supervised Teaching experience with yoga students (not peers) – This is the most comprehensive supervised teaching program in Australia!
  • Assistant teaching opportunities
  • Individual Mentoring Sessions, monthly 1hr sessions with your mentor throughout the course (maximum of 10)
  • Weekly, 2 hour Teaching Practicum – class structuring and lesson plan, deconstructing asana, communication skills
  • Guided home study components
  • Physical assessment of your motor patterning with physiotherapist to gain better understanding of the changes and limitations of yoga over this 12 month period  
  • Development and guidance of student’s personal yoga practice, study supervision, mentoring as a trainee teacher, and supervision of assisting & teaching practicum
  • Beginners and General Yoga Class attendance for observation and assistance
  • Average of one suitable class per week, throughout the training course
  • Online learning resources
  • Regular Personal Home Practice developed and guided in individual mentoring sessions – Including asana, pranayama and meditation
  • Written journal for guided self-reflection
  • Graduation Ceremony
  • Presentation of graduation certificates at a special ceremony

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